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Today 2 upholsterers
About us
Confections tissus sur mesure paris

We are two true enthusiasts about our work.

What drives us is a desire to be in control of our own projects, from the initial concept down to completion, and that is why, after various experiences, we decided to work together.
On a daily basis, what we enjoy is doing things, sharing a common discipline and achieving our common goal in life: the creation of beautiful works.

Rideaux Paris
Portraits and careers of the artisans
Tapisserie Paris Charpenton
Tapissier décorateur Paris ÂME 2 TAPISSIERS, confection sur mesure haut de gamme - A quelques minutes de Paris, à CHARENTON

Claire always knew that her hands would be essential to her work. Even as a child, she would make dresses for her dolls. And, naturally, she went on to study dressmaking in the clothing industry where she acquired the solid skills she needed to work for a variety of major fashion design houses.

Working for Mugler, Céline and Chanel, she was able to turn their designs into reality. But rather than settling for heading up a team, she soon decided to take control over the process herself.

Florent followed a rather more original career. He first thought that he would take over the family business, but then decided to go to Paris, attended a business school and worked his way up in a bank to become branch manager.

But boredom gradually set in and when he compiled a skills portfolio it showed him that he would be better working at something more practical.

In upholstery we eventually found the answer to all our needs: upmarket work, discipline, love of the finer things in life, design and vision. Not forgetting our desire to work with each other.

Training as Upholsterer and as Window Decorator (at the school of Grégoire Ferrandi with Brigitte Tarris and Ghislaine Gruet as tutors) and some compulsive reading and practical work meant that in 2009 we were ready to go it alone and set up our own workshop,  Âme 2 Tapissiers.

Confection tissus haut de gammes paris
Our values
Tapissier Paris

Tradition at the service of the modern age” sums up what we aim to achieve.

We build on the solid foundations of a long list of traditional methods that are meticulously learnt and applied to capture the spirit of the times and to create highly original combinations.

Good taste, high demands and meticulous attention to detail are what drive us.
We enjoy simple pleasures, those of a job well done.

Our projects
Confection Rideaux Paris

Whether for a private individual, a professional decorator, a young designer...

We relish rising to the challenge.

For an apartment, a hotel, a restaurant, a theatre, a château…

Our goal is to be the artisans who turn imagination into reality.